When producing these segments the diamonds are placed like in a matrix. The distance between each diamond is identical and they are stacked in layers throughout the segment. After wearing one layer off, an entirely new layer will appear. Due to this process, each diamond is 100% utilized and the blade is sharp its whole life. Resulting in a significant increased lifespan and blade speed.



With SILENT blades a laser will cut into the carrier, afterwards these cuts will be filled with a silicone. This will result in reduction of vibration what will have a positive influence on the lifespan and noise production.


Silent +

SILENT+ blades are made of 2 thin carriers that are put together by an absorbing layer. This technology is the best to reduce vibration of diamond blades. Therefore these segments will give an excellent lifespan and hardly produce any noise.



Carat is for many years working intensively in the development of dust reduction during the use of diamond tools. On one side by doing changes on our diamond tools but also by the development of a full range of machinery and dust collectors.



Controtec is a unique piece of software  that protects  against electrical and mechanical overloading of the Carat drill motors.

Advantages of Controtec:

  • operator can see and feel when the motor is getting overloaded
  • mechanical slipping clutch is less activated
  • maximum torque available in any gear
  • faster and more efficient drilling process
  • less repair and maintenance costs


Blue-Glue + Box

The Blue Glue on our stripnails has two advantages:

  • the nail will float much more easy into the timber, in that way the resistance is reduced to the absolute minimum for the nailgun
  • during the shot of the nail the heat will shortly build-up by the friction between nail and wood. This will engage the adhesive effect of the Blue Glue


These nails are also delivered in a plastic box in that way they are very easy to manage. In the meanwhile they also get the optimum protection against moisture.